Decorating in Liskeard

This job was to decorate a new kitchen in Liskeard for some customers who we have worked for on two previous occasions. They needed the work done as a priority so that they could start using their kitchen again.

They had just had their kitchen re-plastered and new units fitted. As the walls were new plaster, we had to prime them first with a watered-down emulsion paint. All the woodwork was sanded down and various little bits of filling and caulking attended to. There was some new boxing around the boiler and this had to be primed with MDF sealer.

Once all the preparation was completed, we applied 2 coats of Dulux kitchen paint. Obviously a lot of dust sheets and care were needed to work around the new units without getting paint on them. The final job was to paint the woodwork with white satinwood.

Kitchen decorating

Decorating in Liskeard

Painting a kitchen

The job turned out well and the customers just need to get their new flooring to complete the transformation of their kitchen.

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