Gate repair in Henwood

This job was carried out for some new customers who have recently moved to Cornwall from London.

Their property has a courtyard parking area with large wooden gates. These were partially off their hinges and wouldn't shut. We were asked to repair them so they could be used again.

Broken hinges

The main problem was that the hinge screws had snapped in the top hinges. These were removed and replaced with much stronger coach screws.

We then adjusted the gates to see how they met in the middle. Unfortunately, they were too wide so one had to be trimmed down by about 20mm in order to get them to close properly.

Once the gates were closed, we fixed all the locks to make them work and then concreted 2 small steel tubes into the ground to accept the drop bolts. This had never been completed when the gates were fitted originally.

We also repaired the customer's toilet at this visit and since then have been back to fit a lot of new blinds. It's always nice to get repeat business.

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