Replacing a panel fence

This job was carried out in a rental property in Liskeard where we have worked before rectifying some poor quality DIY plumbing.

This time our job was to replace a broken and rotten fence along the side of the garden. Access to the job was through the integral garage so the first thing was to remove the old panels and carry them out and then carry in the new. This was a two-man job.

The stumps of the old posts were dug out and all the old concrete removed and bagged up ready for disposal. The new posts were then installed and the first two panels fitted. The final panel was secured to one post and to a piece of timber screwed down the wall of the house. It needed to be shortened by about 4 inches to fit the gap perfectly. Once this was in position, the neighbour kindly allowed us access to put the final screws in and we replaced her flower pots for her that she had moved while we built the fence.

To improve the lifespan of this new fence, we used 4 inch posts fitted with Postsaver sleeves.

Fence panels in Liskeard

The job turned out well and we took away all of the rubbish and swept up. The tenants were pleased with the work.

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