Building a sign post

We carried out this job for a regular customer in Liskeard.

There are three houses that share an entrance drive and two of them are tucked away. Delivery drivers were having problems finding them so the three neighbours agreed to have a sign post installed to help the situation. Our remit was to provide a signpost with three spaces that the individual owners can fix their own signs to. The site was a little awkward with a slope and not a huge amount of space to work with.

We set some strong galvanised Interclamp tubes in the ground and then used Interclamp brackets to hold three pieces of pressure treated timber. The bolts were recessed into the wood so that the signs when they are screwed on can sit flush. The wood will be easy to fix the signs to using screws.

Sign post in Liskeard

The signpost went in well and is built to last.

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