Fencing in Liskeard

It's always nice to be recommended and that was how we got this job. We built a fence next door in 2019 and this job was to build a fence for these new customers.

Their old fence was rotted out and in need of replacement. We quoted for the work and arranged for the materials to be delivered. We tackled one side of the garden at a time to keep the mess to a minimum. The old fence was cut up and disposed of at a licensed waste facility.

The picture below shows the first 2 sides of the garden with the new fence in place.

New fence in Liskeard

The final phase involved building a lower level fence around a brick wall and piers. The weather had turned a bit wet at this point but we still got the job completed.

fencing in Liskeard

The fence was constructed using 6" x 1" cladding boards overlapped. This is a strong construction and should last well compared to Featherboard or Panels.

Liskeard new fence

The customers were really pleased with their new fence.

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