Patio repair in Liskeard

This job was carried out for a customer who we have helped on a few occasions.

Outside her bungalow an area of patio slabs had been laid by a previous owner. They were just laid on a thin layer of sand and over the years had moved, become uneven and some of the slabs had broken.

Pation repair in Liskeard

Our customer wanted these taken up and re-laid properly and any broken ones replaced. We suggested that we join the slabs up with the pavement to make a neater job rather than having the small area of chippings.

The slabs were taken up, cleaned and stacked neatly. We then dug the base down 50mm and re-laid the existing slabs on a mortar mix. Although there is a car on this area in the picture above, the patio isn't going to be used for parking in future so laying the slabs on mortar will be sufficient. Some new matching slabs were used to replace the broken ones and cut to fit the tapered angle of the pavement.

Liskeard patio repair

The job turned out well and the customer was very pleased to have a smooth area with no tripping hazards. All of the rubble was taken away by us and disposed of legally by Viridor.

It is relatively expensive disposing of slabs and other heavy rubble, so this job worked out well for the customer as most of her old slabs were reused and given a new lease of life. Often patios fail because they were laid badly and we can repair them at a lower cost than complete replacement.

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