Hanging gates in Liskeard

Here we fitted some gates for some customers who were moving house and needed the work done before they moved in.

They wanted two gates hung to keep their dogs secure in the garden. We often make "made to measure" gates for customers, but here we fitted some ready made gates which the customers got from B&M. This was partly because it was more difficult to source materials at the time.

The smaller gate had to be modified slightly to make it fit, but this worked out well.

Hanging gates

The larger gate involved fitting a post to the side of the bungalow and then setting another in the ground on the other side. The gate went in well and will keep the dogs secure.

Hanging gates

We also fitted a cabin hook and a doorstop so that the gate can be kept open without risk of it slamming shut in the wind. The customers were very pleased with the work and that we got it done in time.

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