Fence repair in Merrymeet

This job was for a regular customer. To repair a feather-edge fence with scalloped top.

The property has a long fence along one side of the boundary. One part of it had rotted where it is most exposed to the weather. The rest of it which is protected from the weather by the house was in good condition. The customer wanted a repair rather than a full replacement.

We removed the cladding from the bad section and inspected the frame which was fine. We collected the materials and re-clad it with new feather-edge board and then carefully cut it to match the scalloping along the existing fence.

Fence repair in Merrymeet

The job turned out well and the customer was pleased to have the fence back in good condition without replacing the whole thing.

Whilst at the property we also carried out some trimming of bushes and shrubs.

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