Laying blocks in Liskeard

We carry out regular maintenance on some business units in Liskeard and this was an additional job to separate two units that had previously been rented as one larger unit.

Having measured up we arranged for the materials to be delivered on our first day at the unit. They arrived promptly by 9 am so work could progress right away. The first job was to remove a concrete ramp that joined the two floors together and get the existing row of blocks leveled up. The first row had to be cut and once those were in position the job made good progress.

block laying

We took the blocks up 4 courses at a time and then allowed them to set overnight. Each course was tied in using screw in wall ties and the joints finished to match in with the existing. We cleaned up each day to ensure no disruption to the tenant of the occupied unit.

As we were also tasked with cleaning and painting the unit out and carrying out some other minor repairs we were able to work this in around the block laying.

Painting a floor

The whole unit was completed and ready for the new tenant to move in in just under four days and they moved in shortly after.

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