New fence in Tremar Combe

This customer came to us via a recommendation and wanted a new fence put along the boundary of her garden.

Before we could install the fence, we had to cut back a very old and overgrown hedge that was encroaching from next door. It was taking up a lot of room and in windy conditions was blowing over onto our customer's plants. She had previously tried to secure it with some plastic fencing but this wasn't successful. We removed all the old plastic and then trimmed the hedge back and cleared up all the cuttings.

We built the new fence using pressure treated posts, treated timber planks and heavy duty wire mesh with 50mm square gaps. This should be strong and will keep the customers dogs secure which was something else she wanted to achieve with the new fence. We had to work carefully around the plants and build the fence to accommodate a couple of mature shrubs that the customer wanted to retain.

The job went well and once the plants recover it should look good and the hedge can be trimmed back more easily now.

Garden fence

The customer was away on the day we carried out the work, but on returning sent us the following text, 'Hi Jim, I am back from London and love the fence you put up for me. Let me know what I owe and I'll settle up'. Always nice to know that our work is meeting customer expectations.

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