Replacing a chipboard floor

This was an urgent job for some customers we have worked for on a number of occasions.

They were re-vamping a room in their house, had a decorator booked and Karndean flooring on order. When they pulled up the carpet ready for the decorator to come they discovered that the chipboard floor was in poor condition and needed replacing. We were able to fit the job in and started a few days after being contacted.

The old skirting boards were removed and the old flooring pulled up, it came out in small chunks a bit like oversized weetabix! The mess was cleared up and some reinforcement of the joists and treatment for woodworm was carried out. The customer also asked if more electrical sockets could be installed as the room only had one single socket. We contacted Tucker and Son electrical and they came (while the floor was up and all the cables were easy to access) and put in 3 double sockets. Our thanks to them for their speedy assistance on this job.

The new 22mm chipboard was then laid and fully glued to prevent annoying squeaks and make a strong job. We then filled in the chases where the new cables had been installed and fitted new ready-primed skirting boards around the room to make the decorators job as easy as possible.

Replacing a floor

We spoke to the customer a few weeks later, and they were very happy with the finished room and said that the flooring contractors were pleased with the standard of work which made their job fitting the Karndean easier.

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