Fixing old sheds

This job was carried out at a property in Menheniot for a customer we have worked for on a few occasions.

Our remit was to replace some very rotten wooden doors so that the sheds could be put back into use. They were full of junk but the householder didn't dare open the doors to clear the sheds out as they would probably fall off!

We measured up and it was decided to make some rustic wooden doors from sawn timber as they would be long lasting and maintenance free. The sheds are built from mundic block with corrugated tin roofs so the main thing was to make good solid doors that would be secure and make the sheds usable again.

Old wooden doors

As you can see the old doors were in a bad way.

We fitted the new doors, repaired the window and made good the blockwork and steps as far as possible. All the rubbish and the old doors were taken away and disposed of.

Fixing old sheds

Although the sheds are old, there is something nice about them and they are now a useful storage space again. The customers were very happy with the result.

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