Circular patio in Liskeard

This job was carried out for someone who we have worked for before in Liskeard. She had bought a set of round patio slabs back in March 2019 and had been waiting for another contractor to lay the patio. However, after months of waiting he let her down so she asked us to carry out the work instead.

The slabs had been stored at the customer's house for some time, so the first thing was to lay them out dry on the lawn and check that they were all present and that none were damaged. This also gave us the position of the patio and we marked around it ready for digging out.

The turfs were removed and the overall level taken down about 4.5 inches. Then a formwork was made ready to cast a concrete base for the patio. This is our preferred patio construction method as it is a strong job and will be weed-proof. By carefully setting up the levels of the concrete base, laying the slabs is then a much easier job.

Concrete patio base

Once the slab had set we returned a few days later to lay the slabs. It wasn't possible to do it sooner as the August weather was too wet.

The formwork was removed and then the slabs laid on a bed of mortar, taking care not to crack any of them as they are part of a set and replacements may not be available. A string line was used to line up the patio with the corner of the garden wall to make the most of the feature.

Laying a round patio

We returned a few days later on another dry day to point the joints with mortar. This didn't take too long and finished the job off nicely.

Circular patio in Liskeard

The customer is going to level up the lawn around the patio herself using the soil we had previously dug out. She was very happy with the work and the time taken to complete it.

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