Laying a patio in Liskeard

This job was to lay a small patio for a customer we have previously worked for in Liskeard.

He wanted to have a patio in the lower part of his garden as this gets the sun in the late afternoon. He also wanted the base for his whirly washing line installed at the same time.

First, the ground was prepared and all the materials carried down the steps and along a path to the back of the house. The slabs were bedded in mortar and butted up together which was what the customer specified.  We cut a notch out of one of the slabs and installed the washing line base as the patio was being built. The customer wanted to put the decorative stones back around the edge himself once the patio had set.

Laying a patio

Overall the job went well and we were able to deliver it at a little under the estimated cost. The customer was pleased with the work and is looking forward to sitting on his new patio.

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