Large insulation project

insulating a loft at rafter level

This job was to insulate the loft of a large property at rafter not floor level.

The property is a large detached house and in the winter of 2017/18 the cold weather caused a burst pipe in the loft which resulted in a lot of damage. This has now been fixed but the property owner wanted to prevent this happening again by insulating the loft at rafter level.

We carried out this work using Rockwool slab, cut and fitted between the rafters and supported with insulation support netting. A 50mm air gap was left between the insulation and undercloak of the roof to guard against any condensation build up. It took a few days to complete the work as there was a lot of cutting to do and then crawling into the lowest part of the three different lofts was not an easy task. However, it was well worth the effort as the property is now much better insulated and the owner was really pleased with the work.

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