Tenancy repairs in Liskeard

We do a lot of repairs in tenancies on behalf of letting agents and also direct for landlords. These are some recent examples.

Snagging list in a flat in Liskeard Town Centre 

Here we did a list of smaller jobs to get a property ready for tenants to move in. The job was time critical and we got it finished before the deadline.

The jobs included:

  • Fixing the kitchen kick-board
  • Fitting a new toilet seat
  • Fitting a new bath panel and shower screen
  • Fitting blinds and curtain rails to all the windows
  • Repairing a broken tile
  • Disposing of all the packaging and rubbish from these jobs

New bath panel and shower screen

Fitting blinds

Urgent repair in Limes Lane

This was an urgent call-out to a leaking bath. We discovered that the sealant between the bath an tiles had not been done well and had failed allowing water to leak down the wall when the shower was being used. We returned the next morning and re-sealed the bath. The tenant and property owner were pleased to get the repair done so promptly.

Leaky bath

List of jobs in Barn Street

This job was done direct for a property owner who we have worked for before.

Here we removed a satelite dish that had been installed without permission. We also touched up some paintwork and carried out a few other minor repairs and cleaned the gutters and yard.

If you need help with tenancy repairs, give us a call.

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