Soundproofing project

This job was carried out for a customer who had previously used us for a couple of small jobs.

He wanted to improve the sound insulation between his home and the house next door in one room. He researched a workable method and we undertook the work for him.

Having removed the carpet and coving, a CLS frame was installed just slightly away from the existing wall.

Sound prrofing a house

At this point a fully qualified electrician came and extended the two sockets as these needed to be moved onto the new wall surface.

The framework was then packed with 75mm sound insulation.

Sound insulation

This was then covered with a sound-blocking plasterboard and the sockets put in place.

Sound block plasterboard

Then the plasterboard was skimmed with plaster to achieve a good finish and this also cuts down sound transfer even further.

Skimming plasterboard

The final job was to fit new coving along the new section of wall, mitred to fit the existing and then to refit the skirting board. The customer is going to completely redecorate the room himself so we left the job at this point.

He was pleased with the work and says that the soundproofing is proving effective.

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