Reclaimed slate yard project

This was an unusual project in that most of the materials were just discarded items that the customers had down at their farm. The only new materials used were the sand and cement and everything else was reclaimed.

Outside the customers house was an unused area which they wanted to pave with some old slate flag stones they had lying about. The first job was to collect these all up and lay them out roughly to see whether there was enough to cover the area and make it look reasonable. Then the area needed clearing and digging out to create the right levels. One of the customers is a wheelchair user so all slopes needed to be as gentle as possible whilst also fitting in with the general slope of the ground. It was also important to make any surface water run away from the house.

Area being cleared

Here you can see the early stages of the job. Some hand digging and barrowing material away.

Once the site was ready, we laid the flag stones on a bed of mortar and got them positioned to create a sloping area. They were left to set and then a small curving wall was built around the edge to separate the shrubs from the yard area. The stone for the wall was all recycled from a previous area of crazy paving that was taken up.

recycled patio

The final job was to fill in all the gaps between the slabs using a concrete mix made from course sand. This was float finished, rather than troweled to provide better grip.

Slate patio

The levels and gradient worked out better than expected and are well within the capabilities of the customer's electric wheelchair.

Obviously any reclaimed project won't be quite as smart as one using all new materials but this job turned out well within the remit given, the customers were pleased with it and not buying many materials kept the cost down.

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