Holiday cottage repairs

The winter is a good time to attend to all those little repairs that holiday cottages inevitably need. This job was for a regular customer to attend to a number of small jobs at her property in Polruan.

The first job was to replace three slates on the roof which had been damaged by recent high winds.

replacing slates

We also cleared out some blockages in the guttering at the same time and swept up any mess made.

The next job was to repair the weather-strip moulding on the bottom of the French windows which had come off.

We also sourced and fitted some bulbs for the lights in the kitchen units, two of which had stopped working. The owner was anxious to get this done before her Christmas visitors arrive and we got it fixed in good time.

Replacing light bulbs

We can help with a wide range of minor repairs for holiday cottage owners during the winter months.

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