Flat-Pack Cabin Bed Build

This job took us to Landrake for a change, just a short drive up the road from Liskeard.

The customers had bought a very elaborate Cabin Bed for one of their children. It was a flat pack which came in no less than 5 massive cardboard boxes. The instruction book was 40 pages of A4 so we knew it would be a challenge!

Like any flat pack, the main thing is to work methodically through the build taking care to use the right parts at the right time. We've built a lot of flat-packs over the years and this experience helps. This was the most complex kit we've ever built but it was well worth the effort as the cabin bed really is quite special with a built in desk, steps with storage behind and a pull-out wardrobe.

Flat-pack cabin bed

The customer was happy with the work and relieved that he hadn't had to build it himself.

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