Fixing a toilet in Liskeard

Fitting a toilet valve

We carried this job out for an elderly customer in Liskeard.

The customer told us on the phone that the toilet in her bungalow was not shutting off after being flushed and was wasting a lot of water by continuing to run into the pan. As often happens, on our first visit the cistern was working fine and not wishing to run up a bill for unnecessary work we just checked it all and didn't make a charge. It was agreed that if the fault returned we would come back. Two days later the fault returned and the customer phoned again. We called around the same day and found that the filling valve was not shutting off as it should do. Modern filling valves aren't really repairable and as replacements are fairly cheap, we just fitted a new valve to return the cistern to good working order.

It's always satisfying to find the cause of a problem and get it fixed at reasonable cost.

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