Building a bespoke shed

This was an interesting project to build a bespoke shed for some regular customers in Liskeard.

The site for the shed was very awkward with the house walls being out of upright and bumpy stones. The slate slabs were also not level and on one side the customers wanted the shed to sit on top of a small retaining wall. One of the challenges of the job was to scribe the boards to fit the wall of the house.

Scribing timber to fit

First we built a strong frame from 3" x 2" treated timber. This was clad with 6" x 1" rough sawn boards and the gaps covered with further 3" boards to create a strong but rustic look. The roof was slated and then a lead flashing fitted to join it to the wall. Please note in the photograph the two pieces of wood on the roof are only temporary to hold the bell-cast profile while the cement set and have since been removed.

Bespoke shed

Bespoke projects like this are time consuming by their nature but the customers were very pleased with the result and they now have a unique and interesting shed.

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