Wall repair and plastering

We carried out this work in a rental property in Liskeard. One of the old lath and plaster bedroom walls was coming apart and needed repairing.

We gave an estimate for the work and our remit was to repair the wall with the tenant still living in the property. Her daughter was away for a short time in the summer holidays and since this is her bedroom this gave an opportunity to get the job done.

As you can see the old wall was in poor shape and had been patched previously and covered in a textured wall-paper.

Plaster wall repair

We partly took up the carpet, protected the room and hallway with dust sheets and pulled down the old lath and plaster. All the mess was bagged up ready for disposal at a licenced waste facility.

We constructed new timber to get the wall flat and then plasterboarded it.


The next day, we skimmed the wall with plaster.


Once the plaster had dried out we fitted a new section of skirting board and a new gripper rod. The fresh plaster was primed and then the whole room re-painted with white and magnolia emulsion.

The final job was to trim the carpet and re-stretch it back into place. We also had a final clean up to leave the room in good order for the tenant.

Wall repair

The project was delivered on time and within the estimate that was given. The tenant was very happy with the work and that her daughter has got a clean and freshly painted bedroom.

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