Painting a bungalow

We have worked for this customer on a number of occasions. This job was to fully repaint the outside of her bungalow in St Keyne.

We bleached off the outside of the property, attended to some problem areas of loose paint and cemented up some redundant pipe holes in one of the walls. We also washed down all of the uPVC guttering, fascias and verges which had a lot of unsightly green algae on them.

Then we applied two coats of white Sandtex masonry paint and grey for the plinth around the bottom.

Exterior painting

The property certainly looks fresh and smart with a new coat of paint.

Green algae and deteriorated paint

Before the painting.

Painted bungalow

And here's what it looked like after it had been painted.

We will be returning to the property in the near future to carry out some hedge trimming.

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