Ivy removal and painting

Ivy removal

This job was the general tidy up and maintenance of the front of a cottage in Liskeard.

The main problem was a large growth of ivy encroaching from the property on the left, so bad in fact, that it had reached the left hand upper window of the cottage and blocked the gutter. Left for too long, ivy can cause serious damage to a property and we would always recommend removing it at the earliest stage. We cut back and cleared the ivy off our customer's property and cleaned out all the gutters. The ivy had also broken one of the gutter brackets so this was replaced.

We washed down the guttering, downpipe and windows, cleared up all the trimmings ready for disposal at the tip and swept up.

The fascia board was found to be in good condition but in need of a coat of paint. After sanding it down, it was painted and the front of the cottage now looks a lot better.

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