Window repair in Liskeard

This was a tricky repair to a window in a rental property in Liskeard.

At some point in the past the hinge had failed meaning that the window could not be shut properly. During the very cold winter, the window was crudely sealed shut by the tenants using fill-foam!

Our remit was to remove the foam, repair the hinges and get the window working again.

After a certain amount of careful cutting, the sash was removed from the window and all the foam cleaned off. Two new hinges were fitted and the sash re-fitted to the frame. We noted that the lock was broken on one side so this was repaired too.

window hinge repair in Liskeard

We gave the whole window a good clean and hoovered up all the bits of foam and left the job tidy.

fix a window Liskeard

The window now shuts properly and the tenant was very happy with the repair which was all completed on our first visit.

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