Decorating a house in Liskeard

This job was the full redecoration of an ex-rental property in Liskeard after tenants had moved out.

The first job was to remove a lot of rubbish that had been left behind and tidy up the property.

We then prepared the house for decorating stripping some wallpaper, filling, sanding all the woodwork and applying stain-proof primers to some nasty marks and stains. After a thorough clean up of all the dust, we then began the painting which took a few days to complete. The walls and ceilings were emulsioned and the woodwork painted with white satinwood.

Decorating in Liskeard

Decorating a stair well

The bathroom required some additional work as well as redecoration. The grout was cleaned and all the old silicone removed and replaced with sanitary grade sealant. The shower screen and toilet seat were replaced and the toilet flush repaired. Once all this was completed, the bathroom was given a thorough clean and some strange coloured marks removed from the bath.

Cleaning tiles and bathroom repairs

The whole house looks a lot better for a coat of paint and should now provide a good home for someone.

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