Fitting a gate in St Keyne

New metal gate near Liskeard

This job was one of three we carried out for a new customer in St Keyne near Liskeard.

She had bought a new metal gate to replace an old rusty one but needed us to fit it for her.

The old gate came off fairly easily once some very rusty bolts had been undone. The new one was a reasonable match and we were able to hang it and get it all levelled up nicely. The latch was a bit more tricky as the old latch plate had been welded to the gate post. This had to be carefully cut and ground off. Once this was done we made a spacer and drilled the gate post to accept the new latch. The latch could then be fitted without any bother. We had a clean up and loaded the old gate into the van to be taken to the metal recyclers.

The other two jobs we carried out were to drill two holes in the concrete wall beside the front door and fit a new doorbell push-button and to re-site the base for the customer's whirly washing line.

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