Plasterboarding and skimming

This job was a little different as all the work was done over three evenings! The reason for this was that the work was in a shop in Liskeard and we didn't want to disrupt the business by working there during the day.

The job was to replace a very old ceiling and to remove some redundant shelves in a staff kitchen area.

old ceiling

As you can see the old Selotex ceiling was in a bad way.

We removed this and all the shelves and disposed of the rubbish. We then installed fresh timbers to support a new plasterboard ceiling and put some replacement insulation in. The plasterboard was all installed and scrim tape applied ready for skimming. The room isn't huge, but the walls are at an angle so it required careful measuring and cutting to get the plasterboard right.


The third and final evening was when we skimmed the ceiling with Thistle Multifinish plaster. This had begun to dry out well when we took the following picture the next morning.

The shop owners are decorating the room themselves so we left the job at this stage. They were very pleased with the work and have now booked us to carry out further work at their other shop in Looe.

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