Garage door repair in Liskeard

Repair a garage door in Liskeard

We repaired this garage door in Liskeard on behalf of a landlord.

The problem was that the handle would not turn and the tenants were unable to open the garage door. Previously the property owner had been told that the garage door was beyond repair and would need replacement at a cost of over £700.

When we arrived at the property we found that the garage door was not that old and generally in excellent condition. To us, replacement seemed to be a great waste of money. After carrying out a careful inspection and identifying the cause of the problem, we were able to repair the door on-site at our first visit. It was a straightforward metalwork job which we are well able to carry out. Our bill came to less than 10% of the cost of a new door so the landlord was very happy with the repair.

If you have a troublesome garage door that you want fixed, please give us a call.

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