Problem paint fixed

We do a lot of decorating in and around Liskeard. This job was to fix some decorating which had been done by someone else in a rental property.

The problem was that the ceilings in two of the rooms had broken out in brown spots! These couldn't be wiped off suggesting that they weren't caused by mould. In fact they appeared to be stains that had bled through the paint from the layer below. This can sometimes happen due to nicotine stains or if cheap paint is used.

Brown spots on ceiling

To overcome this problem we painted the affected area with a shellac based primer to seal the stains up and stop them bleeding through again. This was allowed to dry for twenty-four hours before the top coat of paint was applied. We used a mould resistant emulsion paint to rule out the possibility that the stains were caused by mould. This provides a durable surface that can be wiped clean in future.

spots on ceiling

As you can see the ceiling is now looking a lot better and the tenants in the property were very happy with the finished job.

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