Rental property refurb

This was a fairly large job for us. The full refurbishment of a two-bedroom flat in Liskeard ready for the rental market.

We were initially booked to decorate the flat. This was a weeks work and involved the removal of all the old carpets and lino, sanding down of all the woodwork and two-coats of paint throughout.

Decorating in Liskeard

During the redecoration, we identified a number of other problems with the property which would need attention and the client asked us to carry out this work too.

These jobs were:

  • Remove the fitted kitchen and repair the kitchen floor which had rotted due to a water leak
  • Dispose of all the rubbish including the carpets, lino fridge/freezer and electrical items
  • Repair the bathroom floor
  • Fix a few minor leaks in the bathroom
  • Fit a new kitchen
  • Fit some additional pieces of skirting board
  • Repair the kitchen window
  • Fit a new shower hose and toilet seat

Here you can see the damage to the old kitchen floor caused by the leak.

We cut out the affected area and fitted new flooring.

New floor

We then disposed of all the rubbish at a Waste Transfer Facility and WEEE facility. We are licensed waste carriers and the client was provided with a Waste Transfer Note to prove that all of the rubbish was disposed of legally.

Waste removal in Liskeard

Having got to this stage, we had to leave the job for a few days while we carried out work for another client.

The new kitchen was fitted in a couple of days and will be a clean and functional facility with a brand new oven and hob which were connected up by a fully qualified electrician. The existing tiles and sink were re-used as they were in reasonable condition.

New kitchen 

The finished job looked good and the property was turned around quickly after purchase so that there was minimum delay before it can be rented out. After we finished a full electrical inspection was carried out by an electrician and new smoke alarms were fitted. The carpet fitters were due shortly afterwards so hopefully this property will now make a pleasant home for a local family.

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