New gate in Liskeard

new gate in Liskeard

Here we built and fitted a new gate for a customer in Liskeard.

The customer wanted a gate built to her own design. She wanted it to be tall (over 2 metres) so that it is secure and also to cut down the wind which tends to blow along the passageway at the back of her house. Although she wanted a solid gate to cut down the wind, she also wanted her small dogs to be able to see through the bottom of it.

We built the gate from pressure treated timber and fitted it at the property. We cut some slots in the bottom of the gate for the dogs to look through. Once fitted, the gate was given a coat of creocote to match in with all the other preserved timber at the property. The customer was pleased with the gate and it does keep the wind out well.

Whilst at the property we also trimmed some ivy from the the end of the garage which had started to grow up into the guttering and roof.

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