Painting a Cornish cottage

Painting a cottage

This job involved a full external repaint of a traditional Cornish cottage in a village near Callington.

The cottage was washed down with fungicide to remove all the green algae and all the woodwork was rubbed down. We also made some minor repairs to a windowsill, pipe bracket and a few other bits before applying two coats of good-quality masonry paint. The windows were stained with Saddolin woodstain and the doors painted with a long-lasting gloss. The finishing touch was to paint a black line at the bottom of the wall in the traditional manner. This was carefully marked out first to follow the slope of the lane.

Around the back of the house, we repaired the back door, trimmed some tree branches back away from the cottage and then painted it all in a similar way to the front. We also cleaned all the guttering, weeded the front and carried out some other minor repairs such as fitting a new door lock whilst we were at this property.

The cottage looks really nice with a new coat of paint and it all got finished just in time for the autumn.

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