Shower room makeover

This was an interesting project for a regular customer in Liskeard, to sort out their problematic shower room while they were away on holiday.

The shower room had a number of problems: the cubicle had previously leaked and damaged the flooring, the grout and silicone had all gone mouldy and there was no paint on the walls because the previous paint had failed. Our customer had scraped this off but then the DIY project had stalled and had just been left for a long period.

shower room

mouldy grout and sealant

We had basically three days to turn the job around and get the room back into good useable condition.

First we took the shower screen out and removed all the mouldy grout and sealant. We also sanded the walls and ceiling and then cleaned up all the dust. We made some minor repairs to the flooring and wall and then applied a coat of stabilising solution to the walls to stop them from being so dusty. This was essential prior to applying the new paint. The tiles were fully re-grouted with new grout and then sealed with sanitary grade silicone.

It took three coats of mould resistant bathroom paint to get the walls and ceiling looking good again. We then re-fitted the shower cubicle, making sure that this time it will be watertight.

We finished the job off by giving all the light fittings, shower cubicle and everything a good clean and refitting the mirror, towel rail and loo roll holder.

finished shower room

The shower room is now a clean and bright useable room.

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