Garden repairs in Liskeard

This job was to carry out a number of garden repairs and some minor house repairs for a customer in Liskeard.

The first task was to rehang a small garden gate which had been removed when a new shed was put up. We concreted in a gate post and fixed a piece of wood for the gate to be locked to against the house and a new bolt. The gate hinges had rusted up through not being used so we oiled them and got them working again.

hanging a gate

The second job was to give an existing gate and fence a coat of preservative. We also fixed the gate which had come loose and was catching on the path.

painting a fence in Liskeard

The third job was to dig out some rotten sleepers from around the clients patio and replace them with new ones. We had to take care working around all the plants and garden ornaments but the new sleepers went in well and have restored the patio to nice condition again.

Patio repair in Liskeard

Whilst at this property, we also fitted four new end caps on the plastic fascia boards as the previous ones had come off.