Tenancy repairs in Liskeard

We carried out a range of repairs in this house to correct problems which have been reported by the tenant to their letting agent. This type of work is well suited to our business as we can handle a wide range of tasks.

The first task was to get rid of the mould in the bedroom cupboard. We washed the mould off and allowed the walls to dry and then applied a fresh coat of mould inhibiting paint. This type of paint is more expensive than normal paint but is highly effective at preventing mould regrowth. Mould tends to gain momentum if left for too long so it is best to do something about it early on, rather than leave it.

Mouldy cupboard

Here's the same cupboard with a new coat of paint.

New paint

The second job was to fit a new tap and waste to the bathroom sink. This meant isolating the water supplies, taking the sink out, fitting the new parts and putting it all back. We also re-sealed around the sink.

Sink repair in Liskeard

The final job was to fit a new bath panel and plinth. The old one was made of MDF and had started to come apart due to the moisture in the bathroom. We fitted a new panel and re-sealed it with sanitary grade silicone.

New bath panel

We had given an estimate for this list of jobs, but were able to deliver the project at a lower cost than anticipated due to getting some good deals on materials. The tenant was pleased with the improvements to her house.