Fitting laminate flooring

We have recently fitted laminate flooring to the hallway of a large period house in Liskeard.

This was quite a difficult fit because there were four doorways to cut, two steps, and the staircase to cut around too. As the house is so old, the architraves and door frames were much larger than usual so required careful undercutting.

All of the laminate was fitted on the first day after taking time to decide how best to lay it out so as not to end up with any narrow bits at one side. A 10mm expansion gap was left all around the perimeter of the room.

One the second, day, we fitted all the trims, stair noses and Z bar to join the new floor to the existing carpets. We also fitted a small section of new skirting board for the customer which they are going to paint themselves.

Some people don't like trims and instead prefer to remove the skirting boards and refix them after the laminate is installed. We are happy to do that in modern houses with 3 or 4 inch skirting boards. In this case, the house had much larger skirting mounted on lathe and plaster walls and removing them would have caused a lot of damage. Therefore the customers very sensibly opted to use trims instead. These were glued and nailed into position and looked good when the job was completed.

So if you want a laminate floor fitted give us a call!