Wall repair and new fence

wall repair

This is a job we recently carried out in Liskeard

The customer wanted to improve privacy in her garden by increasing the height of the garden wall. The existing wall was very old and to increase it safely in stone would have meant taking down the old wall, putting in stronger foundations and completely rebuilding the wall. This would have required a lot of new stone and as access is via a pedestrian path through two neighbouring gardens this was not really a viable option.

Instead, we came up with a hybrid solution of adding a fence to the top of the existing wall. This was achieved by fabricating some metal brackets from mild steel which we attached to the existing wall. We also had to rebuild part of the wall which was in poor condition and put a new concrete capping on top.

Once the metal brackets were firmly cemented into place, we built a fence 750mm high on top using 150mm x 25mm pressure treated timber mounted on a 75mm x 50mm framework using stainless steel screws. Each board was scribed to fit the wall at the bottom and a constant gradient cut at the top.

This wasn't the easiest of jobs what with the access difficulties and we also had to take great care to not damage the garden plants. The finished job turned out well and the customer was very pleased with the result.